New Moon Saturday

Saturday morning, I woke up to my husband telling me that my sweet daughter was texting me and asking if she could come over. What a great way to wake up. So we made arrangements for me to come pick her up and take her to the 4:15 showing of New Moon. I straightened up upstairs and made our beds. I asked my wonderful hubby to vacuum and to put new sheets on my daughter’s bed. We bought her zebra sheets from Teen Pottery Barn. So while he did that, I gave our boy a shower and got myself ready for the day.

New Moon is the last of the Twilight series movies. We had seen the first two movies, Twilight and New Moon together. And I’ve been saving our movie ticket stubs on a wrought iron ferris wheel, that has small square glass displays that hold the tickets perfectly. The only problem is that I’ve run out of space! I am going to have to find a new way to store our movie tickets. We love going to the movies together.

So I picked my daughter up, we filled my new SUV up with gas. I spent $70 on the gas! That is the most I have ever spent on gas. This was the second time I’ve driven my new SUV and I LOVE IT! It has a big, powerful V-8 engine. It reminds me of my Ford Mustang. So after the gas station, we went to Starbucks. She got a Peppermint Latte light and I got a Caramel Brulee. They were on sale, bogof. So I only paid $3.75 for two tall coffee drinks. They were warm and delicious! Perfect for a muggy winter day. I had brought my baby some sour Skittles and Jelly Bellies that I’ve been hanging on to for her. She was grateful and thanked me. She is the sweetest kid. It just blows me away that she is eighteen years old now. After the movie, we went back home. We were not together on her eighteenth birthday, so we had something to give her. I said to her since my hubby and my dad had been the ones tho stay at Target for three hours in anticipation of the release of the new Play Station 3 and a game that she wanted, I would let my husband present it to her. She was SO happy. It was exactly what she had asked for. I admit that I always get my kids whatever they want for their birthday and for Christmas. They’re such great kids. They deserve it. So anyways, I dressed baby brother is flannel pajamas and a coat and we brought him to visit grandma and grandpa, who live up the street from me. We stayed for almost an hour. Baby brother got on the fainting chair and said, “I’m getting in my bed” and then he fell right asleep! So I scooped him up and we left. He was sound asleep so I decided to bring him with me to drop off sissy. My daughter and I talked about how bad soda is for you as I drank my soda, lol. My daughter is in perfect shape. For eighteen, you would expect that. But it’s not just that she is fit. She is also healthy. She usually eats healthy foods and she ONLY drinks water. I am so proud of her. I agreed to talk to my husband about our soda consumption. We had stopped drinking soda for a very long time. I don’t know why were buying it again. It’s not good for us and it’s a complete waste of money. I am at my heaviest since I had my beautiful boy four years ago. I’d like to get back to the weight I was when I was eighteen for summer of 2013. We also talked about her plans to become a veterinarian and how she is going to buy a goat and tend to it and sell it at the fair. So once we were at my sister’s house, I gave my baby girl a hug. I told her that I am so proud of the sweet young lady that she is becoming. That I could not have asked for a better kid. I smelled her hair and I hugged her tight. I love my little angel. She is such a sweet kid. She is gorgeous, intelligent, thoughtful and very caring. I couldn’t be more proud of her.


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