My Now Defunct Sister Wives Fan Page

I started off as a Sister Wives fan. I even started The Official Sister Wives Fan Page on Facebook. However, unbeknownst to me there was already an official fan page, one sanctioned by the Brown family. I did not find it in my search, so I had started my own. The site was going quite well and I had  lot of fun discussing the Browns with other fans UNTIL I received a very hate-filled and threatening e-mail from the original official fan page. The owner mocked my page, the number of members and threatened me to take it down. I was told that Kody was emailing  the owner and they agreed that if I didn’t take my page down, they would sue me. @@ Sue me? Sue a fan? For? They got Facebook to take my page down. I was so put off by the handling of that. I had no problem with the fact that my site wasn’t REALLY the “official” fan page. I simply made a mistake. I could not understand why this family would allow such a MEAN BULLY to run their fan page. But whatever.I’ve been asked if I have the e-mails. I may have saved them. I donated the desktop I was using at that time. But before we did, my wonderful hubby downloaded everything on there. If I saved the emails on there, I will post them on here. If I look at dont find them, I will comment under the post so you know.



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