My Prediction For The Brown Family/Sister Wives

I predict that before the TLC gravy train leaves Vegas, Kody will marry Robyns sister not only because he is attracted to her but also because he knows this will keep the cameras around longer and its one more woman who can carry his children for him. Once the gravy train has left Vegas these people will go back to Utah, Kody will marry two to three more wives. Jenelle will leave once her kids are grown due to the extreme stress. Meri wont ever have another baby because she doesn’t want any more at this point in her life. The family will make pathetic attempts at extending their fifteen minutes of fame. We might see them on some sort of debit card or credit repair commercials. They will further embarrass themselves with pathetic attempts at easy money. And we will all still be around to watch, analyze and to laugh. At least for us, this is entertainment. Sadly for them, this IS their life and this is as good as it gets.


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