Why Im No Longer A Sister Wives Fan

 I became friends with a lady I met on TLCS Sister Wives page. I was defending polygamy and she was educating me on how the women rely on the man to get into heaven and other disturbing FACTS about the FLDS. I was intrigued. So I read “Stolen Innocence” and “Prophets Prey” in quick succession. I am not longer a supported of polygamy. These women are not choosing to become plural wives. Most FLDS young women and men are so uneducated they are unaware that other religions even exist! Many FLDS do not even understand that they have basic rights given to them as citizens of the United States. The Browns aren’t your typical FLDS family. Most are isolated and indoctrinated. Having plural wives is abusive to women. They do not get their needs met. They settle for what they can get. I always think of how sad and pathetic Christine was when Kody gave her that watch. She was sooo happy to get a little something, any attention. Anything. She was hungry, starving for him to notice her! I felt sorry for her. She deserves a husband who loves and adores her. One who wants to spend every free minute with her and will sit with her and eat gooey messy cheesy covered chips with her. These women are ONLY in these marriages because they believe this is the ONLY way to the highest of the three levels of heaven that they believe in. What they dont know or care is that polygamy was started with Joseph Smith got caught having sex with his teenage maid. He was a cheater and he enjoyed sleeping around on his wife. Before she died, she signed a paper certifying that she was his only wife. She was naive and deceived. The whole religion is based upon a cheaters sexual rendezvous. I am 100% for a man and a woman’s right to have one or more spouses. However, that should done of free will. Not either you do this or you wont go to the “best heaven” where all the “worthy Mormons” are. You can not have true freedom of choice when one choice is touted as being FAR SUPERIOR to the others.

As far as the Sister Wives go, they are extremely irresponsible and entitled. It took a few episodes for me to see their patterns. I can not consciously support people like that.


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