My Prediction For The Brown Family/Sister Wives

I predict that before the TLC gravy train leaves Vegas, Kody will marry Robyns sister not only because he is attracted to her but also because he knows this will keep the cameras around longer and its one more woman who can carry his children for him. Once the gravy train has left Vegas these people will go back to Utah, Kody will marry two to three more wives. Jenelle will leave once her kids are grown due to the extreme stress. Meri wont ever have another baby because she doesn’t want any more at this point in her life. The family will make pathetic attempts at extending their fifteen minutes of fame. We might see them on some sort of debit card or credit repair commercials. They will further embarrass themselves with pathetic attempts at easy money. And we will all still be around to watch, analyze and to laugh. At least for us, this is entertainment. Sadly for them, this IS their life and this is as good as it gets.


Sister Wives

Robyn is far from a trophy wife. She came with major baggage-kids, debt, no education, no job skills, no business sense, no way to generate income for the family and she already failed at her first marriage. I love how she believes in keeping the spark alive for the entire marriage but she couldn’t the first go round! She isn’t half as pretty as the other wives. I hate talking about peoples looks. But that woman looks like a wicked witch and has a bony teenage boy looking body. I’d take the soft curves of Christine and her genuine sweetness over Sobbin Robyn any day. Who is with me?
I feel like Kody is  a pimp for Meri. That is his girl and he gets Janelle to pay her bills. LOL
Meris insistence on equal square footage when there are TWENTY TWO people in the family and the home only needs to shelter TWO of them is *EXTREMELY TELLING* of the family dynamics. I think that is why it’s talked about so often. These women do NOT get along. They are competing with each other and always fighting for their fair share of the pie. What a miserable way to live. Grow up, Meri. You have ONE child and she is nearly an adult. You’ll never have another child and empty rooms wont quell your “pain!” Oh, wait! I’ve already figured out that you’re long over the baby thing. You LOVE the freedom you have and you rub your NICE THINGS in the other wives faces. I loved Sobbin Robyn’s passive=aggressive comment about how if Meri had more children then maybe she wouldn’t have such nice things.  Real classy, Robyn.  Meri,  I am on to you. You’re totally content NOW with having one child. You’re just using that as your way or getting attention and sympathy. Booh hoo. No wonder your daughter acts like a huge baby. She gets it from her mother. Any sensible woman would say, “Since it’s just Mariah and me and she is almost grown, I would be content with a three bedroom house. After all, the mortgage wont be paid off until thirty years from now. I certainly dont need a huge empty house for the next thirty years. So go ahead and do your thing, guys. Any bigger would just be a waste of space, money, taxes, utilities, furniture and upkeep.” Then again, by the time I am Meris age, my mortgage will be completely paid off. And we live totally debt free. I can not relate to this gimmie-gimmie- gimmie lifestyle even-though-I-cant-afford-it. I find so much peace and freedom in living below our means. I think this family is in desperate need of sound financial and life coaching advice and then they need to follow it. They make tremendous foolish decisions, one right after another.
It’s EXTREMELY common for these plig families to marry siblings. It would be even considered the natural progression for Kody to marry Taralyce. Go for it, Kody! Then Sobbin Robyn will get a taste of what your marriage to her did to Christine. Both wanted to be the “last wife.” Not likely my dears, not likely. As long as Kody is able to physically walk down the isle, he will be marrying. It isn’t about you guys, ladies. It’s about Kody. Make no mistake.
My only question about this arrangement is, who the heck is funding Taralyces life? Robyn does not work. She is sponging off of Janelle. So is Taralyce also sponging off of Janelle? I think Janelle is about one wife away from the looney bin! How much more financial and emotional stress can this woman be forced under before she cracks and mentally has a break down?! Sobbin Robyn feels entitled to pop our babies that she has no means to care for while other people, whether it be the tax payer, her sister or her sister wives take care of. She takes no responsibility for any of her actions. From creating life to paying for goods and services she has received. She is highly irresponsible yet she whines and cries about having to pay her own bills for a short stint in her life. Poor baby. You had to pay your own bills? How painful for you! Let me shed a tear with you-not.
The credit repair segment was misleading. Misleading as TLCS other show-Extreme Couponing. As likely as my local store is to take coupons like they do on that unrealistic show is as likely as any viewer will be to get a $4,000 debt “deleted” from their credit record. Paying your debts does NOT mean the creditor is obligated to delete the information from your file. In fact, that is extremely rare for them to do so. Think about it, why WOULD they delete the information? Paying off the debt doesn’t mean it wasn’t ever in default. And who the hell goes to a LAWYER for  information that you can find online for free?
Mariah is a beautiful young lady. However, she is far too young to be that heavy already. Her weight is a symptom of a deeper issue. I hope she gets in therapy but I doubt the mental health of their children is a top priority for this self-indulgent clan.
The looooong drawn out “were we approved or were we not”  is an indication that TLC is scrambling for a storyline. Anyone can be approved for a loan. That is not an accomplishment. What REALLY matter are the terms. “You got approved.” Big deal. That is meaningless. Are you approved at 6% interest with 20% down? Or 20% interest with 50% down? With no steady income, moving recently and poor credit, it’s time to get settled in affordable housing, get jobs and slowly and steadily improve your credit and save for a down payment. It’s not the time to move out of a home that you’re already buying, from a location where you have steady jobs to an economically depressed area that is #1 in foreclosures. Oops! Too late.
The Sister Wives Closet. I shudder just typing that. These women dress like they shop at Walmart or the Goodwill. As Seinfield would say, “Not that there is anything wrong with that.” But why would viewers be compelled to want to shop in their virtual closet? Whispering: they have no taste. The web site is generic. The products are scare, tacky and look very similar as to what I would expect to encounter at my local flea market.
Remember Fundamental Fitness? That flopped before it started and as of 11/23/12 on they have a dead link to So I’d say getting at least their up and sometimes running web site filled with mostly “coming soon” signs IS a marked improvement. However, whatever they spent to create the web site and the jewelry wont be recouped in sales because nobody is visiting their web site.
A business that doesn’t generate any income? A front of a business in order to lower their income tax bracket? That is just what FLDS are known for doing! A fraudulent front of a  business is as common in their culture as apple pie is in mine. The FLDS even have a water company that exists only on paper! The Browns make sure their taxable income is low enough so they can qualify for those food stamps. I am confident TLC is paying Kody Brown and not the women.  And with a “business” they can say they’re “working.” So the “business” does reward them in many ways, even if income is not one of the benefits. I read Sam Brower’s book detailing his seven year investigation into the FLDS subculture entitled “Prophet’s Prey” and so I am onto the whole FLDS business front. It’s sadly extremely common in their community. This isn’t by chance. This is purposeful and their way of life.

Why Im No Longer A Sister Wives Fan

 I became friends with a lady I met on TLCS Sister Wives page. I was defending polygamy and she was educating me on how the women rely on the man to get into heaven and other disturbing FACTS about the FLDS. I was intrigued. So I read “Stolen Innocence” and “Prophets Prey” in quick succession. I am not longer a supported of polygamy. These women are not choosing to become plural wives. Most FLDS young women and men are so uneducated they are unaware that other religions even exist! Many FLDS do not even understand that they have basic rights given to them as citizens of the United States. The Browns aren’t your typical FLDS family. Most are isolated and indoctrinated. Having plural wives is abusive to women. They do not get their needs met. They settle for what they can get. I always think of how sad and pathetic Christine was when Kody gave her that watch. She was sooo happy to get a little something, any attention. Anything. She was hungry, starving for him to notice her! I felt sorry for her. She deserves a husband who loves and adores her. One who wants to spend every free minute with her and will sit with her and eat gooey messy cheesy covered chips with her. These women are ONLY in these marriages because they believe this is the ONLY way to the highest of the three levels of heaven that they believe in. What they dont know or care is that polygamy was started with Joseph Smith got caught having sex with his teenage maid. He was a cheater and he enjoyed sleeping around on his wife. Before she died, she signed a paper certifying that she was his only wife. She was naive and deceived. The whole religion is based upon a cheaters sexual rendezvous. I am 100% for a man and a woman’s right to have one or more spouses. However, that should done of free will. Not either you do this or you wont go to the “best heaven” where all the “worthy Mormons” are. You can not have true freedom of choice when one choice is touted as being FAR SUPERIOR to the others.

As far as the Sister Wives go, they are extremely irresponsible and entitled. It took a few episodes for me to see their patterns. I can not consciously support people like that.

My Now Defunct Sister Wives Fan Page

I started off as a Sister Wives fan. I even started The Official Sister Wives Fan Page on Facebook. However, unbeknownst to me there was already an official fan page, one sanctioned by the Brown family. I did not find it in my search, so I had started my own. The site was going quite well and I had  lot of fun discussing the Browns with other fans UNTIL I received a very hate-filled and threatening e-mail from the original official fan page. The owner mocked my page, the number of members and threatened me to take it down. I was told that Kody was emailing  the owner and they agreed that if I didn’t take my page down, they would sue me. @@ Sue me? Sue a fan? For? They got Facebook to take my page down. I was so put off by the handling of that. I had no problem with the fact that my site wasn’t REALLY the “official” fan page. I simply made a mistake. I could not understand why this family would allow such a MEAN BULLY to run their fan page. But whatever.I’ve been asked if I have the e-mails. I may have saved them. I donated the desktop I was using at that time. But before we did, my wonderful hubby downloaded everything on there. If I saved the emails on there, I will post them on here. If I look at dont find them, I will comment under the post so you know.


New Moon Saturday

Saturday morning, I woke up to my husband telling me that my sweet daughter was texting me and asking if she could come over. What a great way to wake up. So we made arrangements for me to come pick her up and take her to the 4:15 showing of New Moon. I straightened up upstairs and made our beds. I asked my wonderful hubby to vacuum and to put new sheets on my daughter’s bed. We bought her zebra sheets from Teen Pottery Barn. So while he did that, I gave our boy a shower and got myself ready for the day.

New Moon is the last of the Twilight series movies. We had seen the first two movies, Twilight and New Moon together. And I’ve been saving our movie ticket stubs on a wrought iron ferris wheel, that has small square glass displays that hold the tickets perfectly. The only problem is that I’ve run out of space! I am going to have to find a new way to store our movie tickets. We love going to the movies together.

So I picked my daughter up, we filled my new SUV up with gas. I spent $70 on the gas! That is the most I have ever spent on gas. This was the second time I’ve driven my new SUV and I LOVE IT! It has a big, powerful V-8 engine. It reminds me of my Ford Mustang. So after the gas station, we went to Starbucks. She got a Peppermint Latte light and I got a Caramel Brulee. They were on sale, bogof. So I only paid $3.75 for two tall coffee drinks. They were warm and delicious! Perfect for a muggy winter day. I had brought my baby some sour Skittles and Jelly Bellies that I’ve been hanging on to for her. She was grateful and thanked me. She is the sweetest kid. It just blows me away that she is eighteen years old now. After the movie, we went back home. We were not together on her eighteenth birthday, so we had something to give her. I said to her since my hubby and my dad had been the ones tho stay at Target for three hours in anticipation of the release of the new Play Station 3 and a game that she wanted, I would let my husband present it to her. She was SO happy. It was exactly what she had asked for. I admit that I always get my kids whatever they want for their birthday and for Christmas. They’re such great kids. They deserve it. So anyways, I dressed baby brother is flannel pajamas and a coat and we brought him to visit grandma and grandpa, who live up the street from me. We stayed for almost an hour. Baby brother got on the fainting chair and said, “I’m getting in my bed” and then he fell right asleep! So I scooped him up and we left. He was sound asleep so I decided to bring him with me to drop off sissy. My daughter and I talked about how bad soda is for you as I drank my soda, lol. My daughter is in perfect shape. For eighteen, you would expect that. But it’s not just that she is fit. She is also healthy. She usually eats healthy foods and she ONLY drinks water. I am so proud of her. I agreed to talk to my husband about our soda consumption. We had stopped drinking soda for a very long time. I don’t know why were buying it again. It’s not good for us and it’s a complete waste of money. I am at my heaviest since I had my beautiful boy four years ago. I’d like to get back to the weight I was when I was eighteen for summer of 2013. We also talked about her plans to become a veterinarian and how she is going to buy a goat and tend to it and sell it at the fair. So once we were at my sister’s house, I gave my baby girl a hug. I told her that I am so proud of the sweet young lady that she is becoming. That I could not have asked for a better kid. I smelled her hair and I hugged her tight. I love my little angel. She is such a sweet kid. She is gorgeous, intelligent, thoughtful and very caring. I couldn’t be more proud of her.